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- Prince of the Winter Lands

Arol is Alk and Ilke's other father figure. Arol is a troubled but kind man and children loves hugging the big bear. Arol has been through a lot. He along with his brother and father traveled to Aldra some time before the first book begins in hopes of meeting Sha-ra, a long time friend of their people. Not much is known in detail about what happened when they got to Aldra other than that they were captured by the Mortok tribe and Arol was the only survivor whom Sha-ra managed to save. He suffers from PTSD and feels

extremely guilty over not saving his family.

Is said to be adapted into shapeshifter/werebear in the TV-

Series and the comic based on it. It is probably to save


Played by: ????

Art by: cottaterra

Art by: sir-grimmington

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