As you may have noticed at the info on the story and characters here as spoilerfree as possible. For a more spoiler filled experince visit our Wikia! Unfortunately haven't we come very far with it either. This list here is to check back at for characters you may have forgotten and need to check who they are again.

  • Hisj: The winter spirit giving Ilke her frost powers, and everything that brings, like her blue skin and hair. He's quite arogant.

  • Harti and Khiri: Alk and Ilke's parents. 

  • King Veha: The rightful ruler of Aldra. He hasn't been seen since the prophecy was written. He is said by many to be a good king and a great wizard. Is seen as a god by many.

  • King Sherpa: An extremely old wizard and king who is said to be wanting to overtake Aldra.

  • Eramam: The chieftain of the Eramam tribe in El-Elem. Is a round and funny man. He's an old friend of Sha-ra's.

  • Ajandra: Eramam's beautiful wife and a kind mother, she smells good according to Ilke.

  • Mijam: An outgoing girl whom Ilke befriends and Alk shows a bit more interest in.

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