So far 2 spin-off book series has been released.

Compared to the others are these picture books but they're illustrated by Øystein Runde rather than Eliassen. They have yet to be released outside Norway. They consist 6 books each. Please note the character designs are not canon, but Azur's has the most similar among main characters of it.

Original Release year: 2011

How did Azur end up where Alk and Ilke met him for the first time? What is his mission in lfe? Azur's story is a bittersweet one. About how he went from being a carefree noque/merman, to a blood thirsty terraqus, to a bitter man trapped between the two. It all started not too long ago, a little before Alk and Ilke set out on their journey. On the fateful day a naive Azur followed his brother down into the Kraken's den in hope of treasure and proud parents...

Original Release year: 2012

What happened to Jolsah when he finally returned home? Did his experiences make him a better person or a more pitful one? Even Jolsah himself isn't sure. He needs time to think. To think about what kind of chieftain he wants to be. Trapped between the expectations of his father and his own fears and newfound feelings. One day he sets out on a patrol to see how his people are doing and is thrown between the conflict between the dark elves and the mortoks.

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