Please note that these books aren't released yet and has only been revealed and referenced officially on the facebook page. There's no info on it on Gyldendal's pages at all whom still treats the 7th as the final verse. DTV, the German publisher, seems oblivious to it as well as they have seemingly quit printing new copies.

Book 8

Children of the Night

Originally anounced: 04.01.13.

Not much is known about this one besides title and quote. It's believed to be a sequel.

Book 9

The Last Wizard

Originally anounced: 06.01.13.

A little more is known about this one due to the index of chapters and appears to be a prequel. It will contain Mentor's childhood chapters that were cut from previous books. It appears to be about Sha-ra's life before Alk and Ilke were born

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